About Slade and Kempton / Millennium Gems

The History of UK Diamond Jewellery Manufacturers and Wholesalers

Slade & Kempton was first established in 1956. It has since maintained the tradition of producing high quality diamond jewellery across the price range of the precious jewellery market. In recent years Slade and Kempton has kept up with changing trends. Not only does it continually produce new ranges but has also joined forces with Millennium Gems under one parent company, Customchain Ltd.

Millennium Gems is a new and innovative company with highly motivated personnel that has introduced a modern range of gold and diamond jewellery for which it has secured exclusive distribution rights in the U.K. At the same time it is continually creating new and contemporary designs, which it produces in the Far East where manufacturing costs are considerably lower than in the U.K.

These huge savings in resources are being passed on to the retailer who is able to add on his margins and still remain competitive. We at Slade and Kempton, as a result of our association with Millennium Gems, have been able to cut production costs and reduce prices by as much as 40%.

We trust our efforts will be productive to all who associate themselves with Customchain Ltd trading as Slade & Kempton and Millennium Gems.

Mr R Kanzen
Managing Director